Kickflip to Railstand to Flamingo Out

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Kickflip to Railstand to Flamingo Out
Short Hand Kickflip to Rail, Flamingo Out
Long Hand Old-School Kickflip to One-Foot Fakie Heelside Railstand to Flamingo Out
Inventor Daniel Trujillo
Invented 2016
Difficulty Level Advanced
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This awesome combo was invented by Daniel Trujillo of Las Vegas, NV, circa 2016. Starting in a gentle roll, execute an Old-School Kickflip with the intention of flipping the board only a 3/4 flip to land in a Heelside Railstand (Essentially landing Fakie, similar to how you would initially land an M80 before the pivot). So land in a one-foot railstand with your back foot on the forward wheel and push down diagonally between the nose and wheel (like a Reintges Flip) to flip the board up. As the board flips up catch the board into the Flamingo and land it.