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Short Hand Kickflip
Long Hand Old School Kickflip
Alternate Names Kick Flip
Inventor Curt Lindgren
Invented 1975
Difficulty Level Intermediate
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Common Variations

Originally just called the Kickflip, this trick was invented in the 1970′s by Curt Lindgren[1]. This trick is executed by standing in the middle of your board, feet together and facing forward. You hang the toes off of one side of the deck and hook the edge of the sole of the shoes under the deck. From there you jump up a bit and give the board a kick and land when the board has flipped a full Axis Rotation. There are many different variations such as Double Flips, Varial Flips, 360 Flips and M80s. Your feet should not touch the ground during any part of this trick.

Trick Tips

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