Gullwing 7" Mission M1 Trucks

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Gullwing M1 7 Trucks Back.jpg
Make Gullwing
Model Mission M1
Hanger Width 4.25" (108 mm)
Axle Width 6.90" (175 mm)
Axle Height 2.24" (57 mm)
Axle Diameter 8 mm
Axle Features Non-slip cast in axles
Speed Washers Built-In Speed Washers
Profile High
Mounting Hole Pattern New School and Old-School 6-hole pattern
Weight 11.5 oz. (326 g)
Construction Raw aluminum construction
Geometry Pro III inspired
Pogo Platform Medium rounded surface.
Kingpin Profile Very Low profile good for No-Handed Pogos
Deck Compatibility 7.125-7.4"

The Gullwing Mission 7" Raw trucks are designed for carving, cruising, park, pool, street, and freestyle. Cast with aluminum, the hanger measures 3.89" long with a 7" axle length. The board side barrel bushing provides stability and the road side tall cone dips into turns. The built in speed washers reduce friction and lengthens the life of your bearings.


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