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Short Name Gullwing
Long Name Gullwing Truck Company
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Trucks
Trucks Gullwing Trucks
Other Information
Founded October 1976
Founders Mike Williams and Joe Lynch
Address Name Gullwing Truck Company
Address Line 1 4370 Jutland Dr.
City San Diego
State CA
Zip Code 92117
Country USA
Phone (858) 408-0083

Gullwing Trucks was founded in 1976 and was the first company to introduce a split axle design, offering faster turning and stability at high speeds. Since then, Gullwing has produced such iconic designs as the Phoenix, PRO Model, PRO III, Mach IV, Street Shadow, Little G, Spectra, Charger and Stalker model trucks to name a few. These days, Gullwing focuses a little more on longboard and downhill trucks, making them the only truck company to offer products that compliment all forms of skateboarding.

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