Frank Lee Casper Industries Interview

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Frank Lee Casper Industries Interview
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Skater Frank Lee
Interviewer Casper Industries
Date January 3, 2003

1. When did you start skating / freestlying?

I started freestyling when I was about 14 years old. I knew that's what I wanted to do when I saw Bob Schmelzer skating in a Mountain Dew commercial, and Per Welinder skating in the Dancing in the Ruins' video by Blue Oyster Cult.

2. What appealed to you then and now about freestyle versus street and vert skating?

I found flatland freestyle to be the most appealing form of skateboarding when I first started skating. It was perhaps the most technical form of skateboarding in the 80's, and that's what made it the most attractive. For those very same reasons, it is still my preferred discipline. Regardless, I appreciate all forms of skateboarding (especially bowl riding).

3. What are your favorite tricks or type of tricks?

I have an appreciation for high-speed rolling tricks. Fast footwork, late flips, and aerial maneuvers are also among my favorite types of tricks.

4. How do you feel about the freestyle "revival" that seems to be happening?

The revival is not only good for flatland freestyle. It is good for other disciplines of skateboarding as well. As history has shown, the maneuvers spawned from flat ground may be further applied to street and vert. Everyone will benefit.

5. Any word of encouragement for the freestylers that are still out there today or anyone thinking about starting?

Do what you love. Skate with passion. Skate like you're on fire. Have fun.

6. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks to: • My wife, family, and friends. • My freestyle posse: Mike Foster, John Jaje, Bobby "Casper" Boyden, Tommy Harward, Keith Renna, AJ Kohn, Terry Synnott, JJ O'Donnell, John Leathers, Curtis Lee, etc. • My sponsors; Casper Industries, Ambush Boarding Company, and Fitzall Skidplates

And now for some movies. Click on the images below to see Frank Lee in action.