Mike Foster

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Mike Foster
Mike Foster Crossfoot 180 Pop Shove-it Daytona Beach, FL.jpg
Mike Foster doing a Crossfoot 180 Pop Shove-It at Daytona Beach, Florida
Internet Links
Links Official Website
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Location Atlanta, GA, USA
Stance Goofy
Pushing Method Regular Push
Company Trinity Skateboards
Born 1954
Skating Since 1964
Deck Models Mike Foster Decks

FSKB Contest History

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"Freestyle is the most expressive form of skateboarding. In this first form, the fetal essence of skating, the artist has the most choices available as he incorporates speed, direction, board positioning, and body language. From these roots sprang the imagination of the artist to focus on one or more of these choices to accomplish the desired resuls. Thus, all other expression of skateboarding are a subform to the original form of Freestyle." -Mike Foster