Decomposed Ray Meyer Laughter Deck

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Decomposed Ray Meyer Laughter Deck 2012-11-05.jpg


Make Decomposed
Skater Ray Meyer
Model Laughter
Width 7.25" (184 mm)
Length 27.5" (699 mm)
Wheelbase 11.75" (299 mm)
BIS # 7.25"-27.5"-------
Nose Shape Blunt Point
Tail Shape Blunt Point
Kicktail Single Kick
Rails Parallel
Concave Flat
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Graphics feature a laughing Ray Meyer character dressed up as a doctor wearing a white coat, blue tie, glasses and a head mirror. He is holding a white medical bag with a red cross on it and is riding a skateboard with a steep tail. "Laughter is the best Medicine" is printed on the nose. "RAY MEYER" is printed diagonally from left to right over Ray's character. Three pills are spread throughout, one pink and yellow capsule to the left of the front mounting holes, one red and white capsule on the lower left corner of the tail, and a round orange and green tablet to the right of the rear mounting holes. The Decomposed logo filled in yellow appears just above the rear mounting holes. Random faded black text can be seen throughout the background.
Colors Off-White
Introductory Price $42.99
Release Date November 05 2012
Discontinued August 2014
Retail Availability 2012-2014