Board Identification System

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The Board Identification System™ number (or BIS #) is a deck signature developed by Beau Trifiro of Open Source Skateboards. This number defines the unique characteristics of each skateboard deck.

BIS # = W-L-A-R-N-D-T-E-H

W – width, in inches
L – length, in inches
A – angle of nose and tail (symmetrical), in degrees
R – radius of concavity, in inches (Use Open Source Skateboard's Concave Converter to easily convert between drop and radius)
N – nose and tail length (symmetrical)
D – horizontal length of kicktail (symmetrical)
T – transition distance between flat kicks and full concave, in inches
E – edge style, in edge style number (see specific drawings for detailed dimensions)
H – kick height, in inches, measured from the bottom side of the deck to bottom side of the kick

For more details with diagrams, visit: