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Freestyle-related websites.

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Website URL Description Country
All Japan Skateboard Association (AJSA) Japanese skateboard association. Japan
Art of Skateboarding A skateboard collector web site with a large database of skateboards containing information and price guides. Free registration required. Canada
Bamford Freestyle Skateboards Skateboard company owned and operated by Patrick Bamford. Canada
Braza Freestyle Skateboarding (BFS) Brazillian freestyle organization. Brazil
Broken Fingers Magazine The best and only freestyle magazine still in print. USA
Capital Skateboards Internet Time Machine Late 1990's skateboard company. USA
Casper Industries Internet Time Machine Bobby "Casper" Boyden's skateboard company from the early 2000's. USA
Chaos Bros Internet Time Machine John Leathers' skateboard company. USA
Cirus Skateboard A skater-owned deck manufacturer in Hungary that primarily uses environmentally friendly bamboo, rather than maple. Hungary
Decomposed Skater-owned company run by Witter Cheng. Sells everything a freestyler needs. USA
Freestyle Trick Tips Tony Gale's freestyle trick tips website. United Kingdom
Kevin Harris' Official Website Internet Time Machine Bio, Photos, Videos and Articles Canada
LateTricks Internet Time Machine The main hub on which the UK freestyle scene turns. Run by Alex Foster. United Kingdom
LateTricks Contest Database The most comprehensive list of freestyle contest results on the Internet. United Kingdom
MODE Skateboards Skateboard company owned and operated by Terry Synnott. Produces decks, skid plates and wheels. USA
Moonshine Skateboards Skateboard company that sells premium freestyle decks, skids and wheels. Currently has the largest freestyle team in the world. USA
Never Enough Skateboards Skateboard company owned and operated by Christian Heise. Europe's #1 freestyle supplier. Germany
Old Bastard Freestyle Forum Freestyle forum for old bastards. USA
Seismic Skate Inc. Produces premium freestyle wheels and bearings. Run by Daniel Gesmer. USA
Small School Skateboards The small school is a cooperation between like minded individuals for the artistic progression and dissemination of freestyle skateboarding... and other such nonsense. Also produces Broken Fingers Magazine. USA
Small School Skateboards Official Blog The official Small School blog. This hasn't been maintained since 2010, but here is a lot of cool history in here. USA
The Insane Lament Freestyle skateboarding trick tips for old bastards. Run by Bob Loftin. USA
The World Freestyle Round-Up Canadian world championship freestyle contest. Canada
Trinity Skateboards Mike Foster's website and home of the original Foster Freestyler. USA
YOYO Skates YoYo Schulz' website. Germany