Waltz Coffee Break 54mm Wheels

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Waltz Coffee Break 54mm Wheels (Stack).png
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Make Waltz Skateboarding
Model Coffee Break 54mm
Width 1.42" (36 mm)
Durometer 99A
Diameter 54 mm (2.13")
Contact Patch 20 mm (0.79")
Bearing seat Deep Offset
Shape Semi-RADial
Colors Natural
Introductory Price $34.99
Release Date October 12 2018
Retail Availability 2018
Skated by Mike Osterman, Daniel Trujillo, Sean Burke


The Coffee Break 54mm offers the perfect balance between a classic freestyle wheel and a modern street wheel. With a deep offset to provide maximum axel coverage, a tapered inner face for lighter weight, and a radial outer lip for stable rail stands, the Coffee Break 54mm provides optimal support without ever feeling sluggish or heavy. Whether you’re coconut wheelie-ing your way downhill or attempting to break your latest 360 spin record, this is the shape for you.

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Features a white paper coffee cup tipped-over with coffee spilt around the circumference of the wheel. "99A" and "54mm" is printed on the cup. A white sipper lid lays halfway around on the other side. "WALTZ"is printed above with "DANCE WITH US" printed below.


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