Surf Rodz

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Surf Rodz
Internet Links
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Short Name Surf-Rodz
Long Name Surf-Rodz, LLC
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Trucks
Trucks Surf Rodz Trucks
Other Information
Founded 2005
Address Name Surf-Rodz Manufacturing/Surf-Rodz, LLC
Address Line 1 71 Cogwheel Lane
City Seymour
State Connecticut
Zip Code 06483
Country USA
Phone (203) 377-4902
Fax (203) 888-7433

Established in Connecticut USA, Surf_Rodz started with the sole mission of offering a unique skate truck system that could adapt and appeal to any type of skating.

Surf_Rodz appeals to the longboard market as well as the crossover mainstream skateboard industry. Since the day it began manufacturing, the company has been recognized as a grass roots brand offering a comprehensive selection of precision trucks at affordable prices. SZ is now one of the only mass-produced machined skate truck that is offered worldwide. Home Page circa 2016