Seismic G4 105mm 30-Degree Spring Trucks

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Seismic G4 105mm 30 Degree Spring Truck (Inside Angle).JPG
Inside View
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Make Seismic Skate Inc.
Model Stable-Turn 30 Degree Spring Trucks
Hanger Width 4.13" (105 mm)
Axle Width 6.875" (175 mm)
Axle Height 2.36" (60 mm)
Axle Diameter 7.95 mm
Speed Washers Comes with 4 Washers
Profile High
Mounting Hole Pattern New and Old-School
Weight 14.2 oz. (402.5 g)
Baseplate Width 2.14" (54 mm)
Baseplate Length 3.1" (79 mm)
Hanger Finish Raw
Baseplate Features Hybrid two-part baseplates (metal lower, composite upper)
Colors Raw
Geometry 30° for stable turning
Pogo Platform Large Surface Area
Kingpin Profile Low
Inverted Kingpin Yes
Kingpin Features Bulletproof kingpin fastening. Kingpin shoulder recessed inside baseplate for greater strength.
Bushing Features None. Progressive-rate dual spring system with tension adjustment and anti-buckling.
Hardware Included Axle Washers and Axle Nuts. Comes with a 7/32″ Allen wrench for the kingpin and a 1/8" Allen wrench for spring adjustment.
Origin China
Warranty Seismic trucks are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. This guarantee does not cover trucks worn out as a result of natural use.
Introductory Price $29.99 ea.
Patent United States Patent 5,263,725
Release Date 1993
Discontinued 2012
Retail Availability 1993-2012
Deck Compatibility 7.0-7.4"