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Paul Bakker circa 2004
Pronunciation Paw-leen-yo
Short Hand Pauliño
Long Hand Rolling Frontside Tailskid Kickturn to Shove-It
Inventor Paul Bakker
Invented Late 1980's
Difficulty Level Intermediate
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The Pauliño was invented by Dutch freestyler Paul Bakker. The story goes that he was trying to learn one of Pierre Andre's tricks and in the attempt unintentionally pulled off a Pauliño. Paul's friend Enrico is credited with creating the trick's name because he called Paul by that nickname. Paul + "iño", which means small or little.[1]

To execute this trick, you roll forward and prepare for a frontside kickturn. You bring your tail down for a tailskid and start turning your board and body the first 180 degrees. Quickly kick the board in the same direction (like a Shove-It) and then very quickly replace your back foot with your front foot. Traditionally, your tail shouldn't leave the ground during this part of the trick, but some skaters do go into a nose pivot instead, which also looks really cool. At this point, your board will have turned 360 degrees and your body 180 degrees. You can then do another Frontside Kickturn to go back into a forward roll.