Paris 108 Trucks

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Paris 108 Trucks.jpg
Make Paris Truck Co.
Model 108
Hanger Width 4.25" (108 mm)
Axle Width 6.90" (175 mm)
Axle Height 2.25" (57.15 mm)
Axle Diameter 8 mm
Axle Features Grade 8 axles. High Profile for added wheel size capability and stability in rail.
Profile High
Mounting Hole Pattern New-School and Old-School 6-hole pattern.
Weight 12.8 oz. (364 g)
Hanger Features Gravity molded. Heat–treated to Rockwell rating T6.
Baseplate Features Gravity molded. Heat–treated to Rockwell rating T5.
Materials 356.2 virgin aluminum
Construction Secondary heat treatment process for added strength and durability.
Pogo Platform Large Surface Area, so great for Pogos and 50/50 Tricks‎.
Kingpin Features Grade 8 branded kingpins.
Bushing Features Comes with 93A Divine urethane bushings
Deck Compatibility 7.25"-7.4"

The Paris Street Truck Family has a higher profile than standard conventional trucks so risers may not be necessary. Ideal for rail and truck stand tricks.

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