Orion Truck Co.

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Orion Truck Co.
Internet Links
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Short Name Orion
Long Name Orion Truck Co.
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Apparel, Decks, Trucks
Trucks Orion Truck Co. Trucks
Other Information
Founded 1995
Founder Larry Balma
Country USA
Phone (760) 967-0552

Orion Trucks is a brand that was founded by Larry Balma of Transworld back in 1995 with Rob Dyrdek, Kareem Campbell and Eric Koston as the headlining pros. Additional Orion team riders included Ronnie Bertino, Tom Penny, Josh Kalis, Kris Lambert, Kris Markovich, Steve Berra and Karl Watson amongst others, but eventually called it quits in the early 2000s. But then in 2011, Orion went back into production with slightly updated styles and a team of Pat Duffy, Clint Peterson, Ryan Decenzo, Marty Murawski, Marek Zaprazny and John Hanlon.