Momentum Kevin Harris M80 Freestyle Wheels

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Momentum + Never Enough Kevin Harris M80 Freestyle Wheels Marketing Picture 2016.png
Momentum + Never Enough Kevin Harris M80 Freestyle Wheels circa 2016
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Make Momentum Wheel Company
Skater Kevin Harris
Model M80 Freestyle
Width 1.42" (36 mm)
Durometer 98A
Diameter 55 mm (2.17")
Contact Patch 27 mm (1.1")
Weight 2.6 oz. (74 g)
Bearing seat Deep Offset
Core Yes
Formula Superior High-Quality Urethane
Lip Round
Design Designed by Kevin Harris from Momentum Wheel Company and Never Enough Skateboards.
Colors White
Special Features Smooth surface. Comes with a Momentum Wheel Co. sticker.
Origin Made in USA
Introductory Price 39.90 €
Release Date June 4 2016
Discontinued 2017
Retail Availability 2016-2017


Outside-facing edge features "MOMENTUM WHEEL CO. x NEVER ENOUGH SKATEBOARDS x 55MM x 98A x M80 FREESTYLE" written around the whole wheel in black uppercase letters. The inside-facing edge feature an orange band that spans the whole circle of the wheel with "KEVIN HARRIS" and "MOMENTUM" written in white bold letters around the right side of the wheel. "M80" is written in black bold letters in-between. A skeleton wearing black reaper-like garb is riding a skateboard holding the nose of the board with his right hand and his left hand is holding up a black swirling mass that is the Momentum mascot.