Jon Procopio Casper Industries Interview

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Jon Procopio Casper Industries Interview
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Skater Jon Procopio
Interviewer Casper Industries
Date May 2, 2003

1. When did you start skating / freestyling?

In the 80's. I got a Tracker Flipside because I liked the graphics, then I figured I better learn how to do some freestyle tricks, and I got hooked.

2. What appealed to you then and now about freestyle versus street and vert skating?

I liked the technical aspect of freestyle, and the expanded variety of tricks like caspers, railflips, 50/50's (truckstands), etc. It requires a lot of imagination and precision that make it very challenging, but is extremely rewarding when you can pull off a trick that started as an abstract idea in your head.

3. What are your favorite tricks or type of tricks?

Anything that involves landing in a 50/50 ( truckstand ). They destroy your shins, bruise your feet, and make you insane, but when you land something it makes it all seem worthwhile.

4. How do you feel about the freestyle "revival" that seems to be happening?

Well, I think the videos coming out in the US and Japan are helping to promote it. Mullen getting Skater of the Year from Transworld is a sign that kids acknowledge and appreciate the creativity and skill that his unique tricks bring to skating, much of which is rooted on freestyle.

5. Any word of encouragement for the freestylers that are still out there today or anyone thinking about starting?

Be patient and persistent and you will see progress. Be inventive and don't be afraid to come up with your own variations of tricks. Oh yeah, and wear shin guards when you are first learning unless you have a high tolerance for pain.

6. Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks to all the skaters who are still pushing the envelope with unique new freestyle tricks.