Isamu Yamamoto

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Isamu Yamamoto
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Native Name

山本 勇
Pronunciation Ee-Saw-Moo Yah-mah-moh-toh
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of Japan.png Japanese
Location Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Born 2003
Skating Since 2011
Deck Models Isamu Yamamoto Decks


Isamu has been skating since he was only 8 years old and has developed a unique blend of traditional freestyle and park skateboarding that helps him stand out in competitions. Starting his journey into competitive freestyle skateboarding in 2011, Isamu experienced success early on in his freestyle career, winning the Best Trick event at the All Japan Freestyle Skateboard Contest with a crossfoot railflip.

From this first contest, Isamu has continued to develop his skills in both freestyle and park skateboarding, developing a unique style and mixed trickbag along the way. His development has been excellently documented by his supportive family, each video showing more and more progression. Going into 2012, Isamu began crafting full freestyle routines and skating with genuine legends of the sport. Starting with a 15th Place run in the first All Japan Freestyle Skateboard Contest of the year, he progressed rapidly through the ranks, ending the year with a strong 5th place ranking against many more experienced skaters. 2013 is proving to be a strong year for Isamu. In the first Japanese freestyle contest of he year, The Megane Cup 2, Isamu took first place in not one, but two divisions. He has continued to participate in Japanese freestyle jams and contests throughout the year, documenting every step in his journey.

Isamu truly is an embodiment of freestyle skateboarding. He skates to share his creative mind with the world, share his dedication to his craft and, above all, have fun. Keep an eye out for him over the years as Isamu will only continue to develop his own skills and freestyle skateboarding overall.

Isamu is currently ranked as number 1 according to the World Round Up 2017 results in Pro division.

FSKB Contest History

Signature Decks

Other Contest History

  • 2014 All Japan Freestyle Contest: 1st place Amateur
  • 2015 Megane Cup: 1st place Pro & Sponsored Am
  • 2016 Big Rio Freestyle Contest: 1st place Pro
  • 2016 Megane Cup: 1st place Pro & Sponsored Am

Featured Video

ISAMU: a Short Skate Film by Brett Novak YouTube