Flip and Slip Skids

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Flip and Slip Skids
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Long Name Flip and Slip Skids
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Skid Plates
Retail Products Sold Skid Plates
Skid Plates Flip and Slip Skids Skid Plates
Other Information
Founded August 2017
Founder Peter Majka
Owner Peter Majka
Slogan Put some Pop back in to your ollie.
Address Name Peter Majka
Address Line 1 600 Barnes St
City Philadelphia County
State PA
Zip Code 19128
Country USA
Phone 6105851241

"Flipandslipskids was founded in 2017 by a revitalized freestlyer (Peter Majka), who realized deforestation and pollution was part of the industry and culture. I wanted to give a little back to the planet and its population by providing a skid plate for street and freestylers from a readily renewable resource. Bamboo. It is harder than maple and easily replenish-able. Each skid plate is hand crafted. No two are perfect or alike."

Ordering and Payment Instructions

To request a quote, send an email to flipandslipskids@gmail.com.

Please include your name shipping address.
List of items and quantity per item.

Payment Check or Paypal:
Payment instructions will come in my email reply.

If Check, items will ship items when check clears.

If Paypal, items will ship within 2 business days of payment.

Note: Please keep in mind, each skid is hand crafted and I am a 1 person operation. If there is a delay, I will do my best to notify you immediately. Homepage