Decomposed Seven Maggots Bearings

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Make Decomposed
Model Seven Maggots
ABEC Rating 7
# of Balls 7
Seal Sealed
Lubrication Drenched in grease
Colors Black
Special Features "Our leading competitors offer 1 maggot but not here at Decomposed. You get two....I repeat...TWO FREE maggots." -Witter Cheng
(Note to buyers: You only get two maggots even though these bearings are called "Seven Maggots". The seven indicates the ABEC rating, not the number of maggots you will receive.)
Available at
Product Webpage
Introductory Price $9.99
Release Date January 11 2016
Discontinued May 2018
Retail Availability 2016-2018
Pros Smooth, durable and comes with 2 free maggots
Cons Doesn't come with 7 maggots
Skated by Witter Cheng