Decomposed Orbital Interceptor Wheels

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Decomposed Orbital Interceptor Wheels 2018.jpg
Photo: Decomposed
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Make Decomposed
Model Orbital Interceptor
Width 1.25" (32 mm)
Durometer 97A
Diameter 53 mm (2.09")
Contact Patch 19 mm (0.75")
Bearing seat Extra Deep Offset
Formula Slightly grippier and softer for rougher surfaces
Feel Grippier
Lip Round
Shape Versatile street shape with freestyle features. Same shape as the Decomposed Mantis Wheels (2mm deeper). (Witter's favorite shape)
Introductory Price $34.99
Release Date June 26 2018
Retail Availability 2018
Pros Perfect for Coconut Wheelies, Rolling Tricks and quick responsive Rail to Rail transfers.


The right-half of the graphic features a couple of menacing robots going around terrorizing people and causing general havoc. One robot, with an exposed human brain, is grabbing a terrified blond bimbo with red lipstick from behind. On the left is some sort of orbital space station armed with huge blasters. A white pink polka-dotted Saturn-like planet with a pink ring hangs off the edge. "ORBITAL INTERCEPTOR" is printed on top in a cool yellow Mycalc font, with "DECOMPOSED 53mm 97a" printed at the bottom in white. Yellow five-pointed stars and white blobs (probably stars) appear throughout.