Capital Skateboards

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Capital Skateboards
Internet Links
Links Official Website Internet Time Machine Email Address Email Address 2
Short Name Capital
Long Name Capital Skateboards
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Bearings, Decks, DVDs
Bearings Capital Skateboards Bearings
Decks Capital Skateboards Decks
Freestyle Team
Freestyle Team Riders
Other Information
Founded 1995
Founders Andy Stone and Pepe Martinez
Defunct 2003
Slogan This Shits Got More Pop!
Country USA


Capital Skateboards was started in 1995 by Andy Stone and Pepe Martinez after leaving Underworld Element. Capital was also backed by East Coast Urethane. Partners included Chris Keefe, Kevin Taylor, Sean Mullendore, Ryan Hickey, Carlos Kenner and John Igei. Home Page circa 2001 Home Page circa 2003

Where you could buy

Online Retailers

East Coast Skates Internet Time Machine
5150 Skate Shop Internet Time Machine


The Board Room 1233 Commerce Ave.
Longview WA.
Willys Workshop
Underground Sports 3480 Hudson Drive
Chattanooga Falls, Ohio 44221
Nags Skatehouse 106E Day St.
Kent, Ohio 44240
Crossroads Sports
A-1 Skate and Snow Wendel Rd.
Wendel PA. 15691
Mental Skateshop NJ

Distributors: (Shops Only!)

Eastern Skate Supply Wilmington NC
Ocean Avenue Distribution Satellite Beach FL.
East Coast Industries Worton, MD

Overseas Distributors: (Shops Only!)

Shiner LTD. Bristol, England