YoYo Schulz Casper Industries Interview

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YoYo Schulz Casper Industries Interview
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Skater YoYo Schulz
Interviewer Casper Industries
Date December 9, 2002

1. When did you start skating / freestyling?

I started to skate back in 1975 when my uncle brought me a skateboard directly from California. Back then I was just cruising down the little hills around my hometown and learned to do endovers and stuff, basic board control. I believe that I got more involved in Freestyling when I entered the first contest in 1979. Back then most skaters entered all events such as Slalom, Long jump, Freestyle and maybe Ramp (Half-Pipe).

2. What appealed to you then and now about freestyle versus street and vert skating?

Freestyle was just natural back then, just you and your board. There was no need for a special area to practice and have fun; usually our local schoolyard was the place to be. I consider all events legitimate, but nowadays I am so stoked on Freestyling (again), because it is the basics, but still so challenging. When I travel around and find a skate park, I will hit some ramps or pools as well, just adapt to the terrain. In two weeks I will be traveling to Switzerland with two old friends to enter a Slalom contest, just for FUN.

3. What are your favorite tricks or type of tricks?

Footwork, 50/50 stuff, finger flips and my personally invented YOYO Plant.

4. How do you feel about the freestyle "revival" that seems to be happening?

I am so glad that there is a group of people working closely together to push freestyle. For me, freestyle never faded, it just got out of the magazines; now we will bring it back into the media again and show it to the young kids as something new.

5. Any word of encouragement for the freestylers that are still out there today or anyone thinking about starting?

Just start off slowly, get board control, learn some footwork, do wheelies (now called manuals) to get the balance. Everything else will develop from there, just be patient. Motivate yourself, be inspired by other freestylers, but please do not copy their style or tricks 100%, be yourself and have FUN. Skate together with others to push the limits.

6. Is there anything you would like to add?

I would like to say a big thanks to Bobby 'Casper' Boyden and Bob Staton to hook me up with Casper Industries, the new company to make a big impact into the market with advanced Freestyle products. Also thanks to Tracker trucks for their support for the last 20 years as well as my family for their support of my passion.