YF Casper

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YF Casper
Masahiro Fujii - CrossFoot 5050 Heel Casper (YF Casper) - 2014-12.jpg
Pronunciation Why-Ef Casper
Short Hand YF Casper
Long Hand No-Handed Crossfoot 50/50 Heel Casper
Alternate Names Yuta Fujii Casper
Inventor Yuta Fujii
Invented 2014
Difficulty Level Expert
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Variations
Variations MF Casper
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions into YF Casper

The YF Casper is a 50/50 Trick invented by Yuta Fujii, who is the son of legendary Japanese freestyler Masahiro Fujii. Masahiro was the first to learn and execute the trick, but Yuta Fujii originally conceived of the idea, so Masahiro named the trick after him. The trick is just like the MF Casper, where you hold the board in a No-Handed 50/50 with your heel instead of with your toes, except in a cross-foot position. Like the MF Casper, this trick is also most commonly landed with a varial 1/2 flip out.


YF Casper video by Masahiro Fujii, May 25, 2015.

YF Casper video by Masahiro Fujii, December 25, 2014.