Wheel Bite

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Wheel Bite is when your Wheels rub up against your Deck during a sharp turn. This occurs when you don't have enough clearance between the wheel and the deck within the maximum lean. This can be very dangerous because the friction from this wheel-to-deck contact acts like a brake, and can cause you to lose control, sending you flying off your board.

If you do have any issues with wheel bite, the solutions are simple; you really just need to find a way to create more clearance between the wheel and the deck, or limit how far the trucks are allowed to lean.

Here are a few possible solutions that may or may not fit your situation:

  • Tighten your trucks to a point where wheel bite no longer occurs.
  • Switch to harder Bushings. See List of Bushings for some options.
  • Switch to smaller-diameter Wheels. See List of Freestyle Wheels for some options.
  • Add more clearance by switching to higher-profile trucks. See Mid Profile Trucks or High Profile Trucks for some options.
  • Add more clearance by installing Risers of an appropriate thickness. See Risers for some options.
  • Sand in some wheel wells. (That would be sick on a freestyle deck!)
  • Or any combination of the above.