Walker YoYo Schultz Deck

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Walker YoYo Schultz Deck 1985.jpg
Walker YoYo Schultz Deck 1985 Top.jpg


Make Walker Skateboards
Skater YoYo Schulz
Model YoYo Schultz
Width 9.875" ()
Length 30" ()
BIS # 9.875"-30"-------
Deck Shape Street/Vert Deck
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Features a strange creature wrapped in a pinkish bag, tied up with a yellow rope as if to be dumped in the ocean. The bag is ripped in two places so that the mouth and right eye are exposed. A caption from the creatures mouth reads "YoYo Schultz". "WALKER" in large black letters with a yellow glow appear above its head. A row of pink spinning disks appear near the tail end. The background is light blue with a tiled pattern of YoYo silhouettes doing YoYo plants.
Colors Light blue
Release Date 1985
Discontinued 1989
YoYo Schultz Ad circa 1989