Trinity Skateboards

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Trinity Skateboards
Internet Links
Links Official Website Internet Time Machine Email Address eBay
Short Name Trinity
Long Name Trinity Skateboards
Products and Services
Products Manufactured Decks, Skid Plates
Retail Products Sold Decks, Bearings, Bearing Spacers, Hardware, Risers, Trucks, Wheels
Decks Trinity Skateboards Decks
Skid Plates Trinity Skateboards Skid Plates
Freestyle Team
Freestyle Team Riders Mike Foster
Other Information
Founded 2000
Founder Mike Foster
Owner Mike Foster
City Hartsville
State South Carolina
Country Flag of the United States.png USA
Phone (404) 641-4589

All products are guaranteed against factory defects for 30 days. Minimum order $20.00 (Shipping included with complete board packages only)