Tracker RaceTrack X 106mm Trucks

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Make Tracker
Model RaceTrack X
Hanger Width 4.17" (106 mm)
Axle Width 6.875" (175 mm)
Axle Diameter 8 mm
Axle Features 4140 Chromoly steel axles
Profile Mid
Mounting Hole Pattern Old-School and New-School 6-Hole Pattern
Colors Aluminum
Materials 356 T6 aircraft grade aluminum
Pogo Platform Small Surface Area
Kingpin Profile High.
Inverted Kingpin Tracker inverted Kingpins are available, but are hard to find.
Kingpin Features Grade 8 kingpins
Origin Hand built and inspected in Flag of the United States.png USA
Warranty Lifetime guarantee
Available at
Product Webpage
Deck Compatibility 7.125-7.4"

The Tracker RaceTrack series trucks are the modern day versions of the original Tracker Mid and FulTracks.

The Tracker RT-X model truck is quick and loose, has a high roll center and a straight point pivot for a more “tippy” turn. Designed to be used as a front steering truck, one that gets the rider into and out of a turn quickly and predictably. Assembled with a slightly longer kingpin for fine tuning and adjustments.

The combination of the loose RT-X in the front, coupled with the traction qualities of the RT-S in the rear, make a good combination.