Tracker: Forty Years of Skateboard History Book

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Title Tracker
Subtitle Forty Years of Skateboard History
Latest Edition 1st
Author Larry Balma
Format Hardcover
Pages 388
Publisher Foundry Press
Published 2015
Language English
ISBN-10 0692340734
ISBN-13 9780692340738
Dimensions 9.875" Wide x 11.3125" Tall x 1.375" Thick
Print Status In Print
Available at


The origin of Tracker Trucks dates back to 1974, when Tracker founders Larry Balma, Dave Dominy and Gary Dodds made the first prototypes. As Larry tells the story of Tracker’s formation at San Diego spots like La Costa, the Escondido Reservoir and the Kona Bowl, and about how the brand’s many innovative trucks and related products came to be, forty-four of Tracker’s top riders chime in with colorful recollections and revealing, behind-the-scenes insights. Rounding out this massive book are plenty of unpublished photos; a detailed skateboard history timeline; chapters on the Dogtown influence, Rockit Skateboards and Tracker’s other decks; a big scrapbook containing photos and quotes from the Tracker team; and way more.

There isn't a whole lot dedicated to modern freestyle in here, but there is quite a lot of interesting history on the evolution of the equipment, culture, tricks, etc... There are two pages dedicated to the Tracker Flipside Freestyle Deck and the scrapbook toward the back of the book features pictures of over two dozen freestylers.

From the Back Cover

Back in 1975, the Tracker Fultrack was the first truck in history made specifically for skateboarding by skateboarders to incorporate high quality, performance and strength. Trackers truly were (and still are) the Trucks You Can Trust. On Tracker’s 40th anniversary, those four words continue to be the driving force of the brand. TRACKER – Forty Years of Skateboard History is a hefty 388-page hardcover book full of photos and stories about Tracker and its rich history straight from the people who worked there, as well as the professional riders and photographers who made Tracker a major icon in the skateboard world.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Foreword
  3. Timeline 1900s-1970s
  4. Dedication
  5. Larry Balma
  6. Dave Dominy
  7. Gary Dodds
  8. Tracker Genesis
  9. MAC Trucks
  10. Start-Up Financing
  11. How to Sell
  12. A Tale of Three Trucks
  13. Tracker Fultrack
  14. Chris Yandall Interview
  15. Logan Family Interview
  16. Henry Hester Interview
  17. Gregg Ayres Interview
  18. Laura Thornhill Interview
  19. Tracker Haftrack
  20. Stacy Peralta Interview
  21. Gregg Weaver Interview
  22. Kim Cespedes Interview
  23. Dogtown
  24. Tracker Racetrack
  25. Rockit Skateboards
  26. Russ Gosnell Interview
  27. Tracker Midtrack
  28. Tony Alva Interview
  29. Counterfeit Trackers
  30. Dependent on Tracker
  31. Gnarly Trackers
  32. What's in a Name?
  33. Tracker Extrack
  34. Chris Strople Interview
  35. Garry Davis Interview
  36. Tracker Magnesium
  37. Mike McGill Interview
  38. Steve Caballero Interview
  39. Tony Magnusson Interview
  40. Jim Gray Interview
  41. Tracker Coper
  42. Tracker Ramp
  43. Tracker Sixtrack
  44. Alan Gelfand Interview
  45. Christan Hosoi Interview
  46. Allen Losi Intervew
  47. Neil Blender Interview
  48. Jeff Phillips Tribute
  49. Mary Jimenez Interview
  50. Tracker Trekkers
  51. Tracker Quartertrack
  52. Tracker System
  53. Timeline 1980s
  54. Tracker Lapper
  55. Tracker Decks
  56. Tracker Zine Ads
  57. Tracker Man
  58. CR Stecyk III Interview
  59. Tracker Baseplates
  60. Pattern Recognition
  61. Tracker Flipside
  62. Tracker GSD Deck
  63. Tracker Wilkes Deck
  64. Tracker Wheels
  65. Tracker House of Kasai
  66. Lester Kasai Interview
  67. Adrian Demain Interview
  68. Team Building With The Ridge
  69. Timeline 1990s
  70. Tracker Aggro Quicktrack
  71. Omar Hassan Interview
  72. Sal Barbier Interview
  73. Tracker Aggro Street Track
  74. Tracker B52
  75. Ron Chatman + Jeremy Klein + Dan Rogers Interview
  76. Tracker B52 Floater
  77. Tracker B52 E-Clip Floater
  78. Willy Santos Interview
  79. Tracer B2
  80. Tracker Hawk Truck
  81. Tony Hawk + Kevin Staab interview
  82. Laban Pheidias Interview
  83. Bucky Lasek Interview
  84. Jason Ellis Interview
  85. Tracker Dart
  86. John Reeves Interview
  87. Bill Danforth Interview
  88. Barrier Kult
  89. Tracker Axis
  90. Jay Adams Interview
  91. Max Dufour Interview
  92. Patrick Melcher Interview
  93. Timeline 2000s-2010s
  94. Tracker Racetrack
  95. Steve Evans Interview
  96. Carrasco Brothers Interview
  97. Tracker Fastrack
  98. Downhill: A Need For Speed
  99. How to Make a Tracker Truck
  100. Tracker Accessories
  101. Tracker Space Pads
  102. Tracker Team Scrapbook
  103. Lance Smith Interview
  104. Bryan Ridgeway Interview
  105. Buddy Carr Interview
  106. Tracker Staff
  107. Time Bubble

Photo Index

Page Subject Description Photographer
p340 Stefan "Lillis" Akesson G-Turn, circa 1980's Unknown