Toxic Denny Riordon Jester Deck

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Toxic Denny Riordon Jester Deck 1980s.jpg
An assembled Toxic Denny Riordon Jester Deck, seen with Gnarly Tracker Trucks and copers.
This was one of Denny's actual boards that he rode in the 1980's. Photo: Tim Morris
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Make Toxic Skateboards
Skater Denny Riordon
Model Jester
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Blunt
Kicktail Single Kick
Concave Flat
Mounting Holes Standard
Colors Black
Artist Bernie Tostenson
Discontinued 1980's
Retail Availability 1980's
Skated by Denny Riordon
Contributors Tim Morris

This deck was one of two models produced for Denny Riordon by Toxic Skateboards.


Features a faceless puppet master on the nose of the deck, with only a pair of eyes and hands being visible. Strings extend down from the fingers controlling a jester puppet below, which appears to be doing a Railflip. The puppet is wearing a jester hat with bells on the tips, a blue speedo and blue pointed shoes. And his arms and legs have horizontally stripes. "DENNY RIORDON" is printed just below the front truck.

In 2015, Decomposed released the Decomposed Denny Riordon Jester Deck with graphics inspired by this original graphic.