Tommy Knocker

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Tommy Knocker
Long Hand 50/50 Truck-to-Truck Finger Flip to 50/50
Inventor Keith Renna
Difficulty Level Expert
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Common Variations
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions out of Tommy Knocker
  • 1.5 Finger Flip Out
  • FSKB
    Contributors Keith Renna

    This is a classic truck-to-truck transfer trick invented by Keith Renna. Keith made up this trick for Tommy Harward, which is where it gets its name.

    The trick starts off in a Pogo (on the tail with your front foot on the rear truck). Using your front hand, you jump up and finger flip the board 1-1/2 times (Axis Rotation), with a 180 degree Transverse Axis Rotation. You then grab the tail with your back hand and land on the nose, in your original position, with your front foot on the front truck.