Tommy Knocker

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Tommy Knocker
Long Hand 50/50 Truck-to-Truck Finger Flip to 50/50
Inventor Keith Renna
Difficulty Level Expert
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Common Variations
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions out of Tommy Knocker
  • 1.5 Finger Flip Out
  • FSKB
    Contributors Keith Renna

    This is a classic truck-to-truck transfer trick invented by Keith Renna. Keith made up this trick for Tommy Harward, which is where it gets its name.

    The trick starts off in a Pogo (on the tail with your front foot on the rear truck). Using your front hand, you jump up and finger flip the board 1-1/2 times, with a 180 degree rotation. You then grab the tail with your back hand and land on the nose, in your original position, with your front foot on the front truck.