Tommy Harward

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Tommy Harward
Internet Links
Links Internet Time Machine
Nickname "Killer Bee"
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Gender Male
Home Town Raleigh, NC
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Born 1974
Skating Since 1987
Deck Models Tommy Harward Decks
Wheel Models Tommy Harward Wheels
Favorite Stuff
Food Anything spicy
Skaters Rodney Mullen
Videos The Casper Video, Marvelous and Marvelous 2

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What got you into freestyle instead of street or vert?

My mom got former Walker pro freestyle skater Reggie Barnes (owner of Endless Grind Skateboard Shop and Eastern Skateboard Supply) to do a demo at my cousins school in 1987. I had never seen anyone skate like that. Reggie was doing handstands and spining 360's. So after the demo I got to meet Reggie and I asked him "What do you do with your old skateboards" and Reggie said that he either throws them away or gives them away. So being so young at the time and not knowing any better, I asked for his board. After a few weeks he gave me that very same board he did the demo with and even signed it. So you could say that if it were not for Reggie Barnes I would not be where I am today.

What do you like to do when you are not skating: Work out, cook, hang out with my love Bonnie

Favorite Pet: My dog Bear a.k.a. Doo-Bug... I miss you buddy (87-02)

When did you turn pro: August 2001 out in L.A. at The Barrio Games and placed 3rd

How many contests have you been in: 23

Have you ever placed 1st: 13 times