Thrasher Magazine - 1981-10

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Thrasher Magazine - October 1981
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Issue Details
Magazine Thrasher Magazine
Issue # 10
Release Date October 1981
# of Pages 52
Language English
Price $1.00

Freestyle-Related Contents

Link Page Description
Image Cover "Magic Freestyle and More!"
Image 3 Contents:
  • Lost in Los - Freestyle plus expenses, that's the key...", on page 34.
Image 17 Del Mar Contest:

Freestyle Contest Highlights:

  • "The pros took to the freestyle area. Low and behold and what do my S.B.B. eyes observe? Some Old-timers. Yes sports-fans, some of the big names of the past when skateboarding was in it's re-inception period back in the '76 era. Bruce Logan, the harshly fluid and precise freestyle king, who set the trend that others would follow in the years of his reign."
  • "His routine sent many people back to the days of the pointed toe, red-face maneuver. Excellent form with the eminence of a cobra with a cause. His mood music for the routine repelled sadness and reached out for joy in the form of Bob Marley tone. It is sort of like watching the Red Baron fly a jet. I was informed that this was his first competition in about four years. He sure wasn't making a bad show of it."
  • "...Stacy Peralta, back in the center ring with full potency, setting the high standards for his subordinates to follow. He skated to the blues. Smooth skate licks for the cool set."
  • "New faces pop up in the freestyle scene from time to time. But one surprise was to see Steve Caballero's mug in there. He put up quite a display along with other pool pals, Billy Ruff and Mike Folmer."
Image 20-21 Del Mar Contest - Freestyle:
Image 35 Lost in Los by lowboy (C. R. Stecyk, III) - Downtown: Day Two
Image 36-37 Lost in Los by lowboy - Downtown: Day Two (continued)

Infantile Paralysis at Magic Mountain

  • "...The Magic Mountain affair almost didn't happen due to the amusement park types decisive inaction. Things got so bad that according to rumor, one, L. Peralta had to threaten lawsuit to get the contest run on the already advertised dates. Thanks to Lou for defending the sport. No thanks to the Magic Mountain and their concept of controlled, contrived pay for play and pleasure. Folks, boring rapids, and other static, passive acts like the Mountains just don't make it, especially for 12 bucks a pop."
Image 38-39 Infantile Paralysis at Magic Mountain (continued)

The Contest

  • The prime attraction was the Pro freestyle event. Particularly with such vertical crossovers as Smith, Caballero, Grisham, Dennis Martinez and Folmer in contention.

The Site

  • A dance pavilion - a controversial choice due to the stain resistant top coating on the concrete floor. The coating made it too slick, which precluded some maneuvers and impaired many others. The pavilion offered good crowd visibility and crowd control which is probably why it was chosen.

The Crowd

  • On an average Sunday, 30,00 plus visit Magic Mountain. The contest drew several hundred at the minimum consistently. Add up the numbers and you get thousands, equaling a lot of exposure.

The Comments

  • Rodney Mullen: "good crowd, O.K. judging and poor surface."
  • Steve Rocco: "The judging was hysterical, the worst you did the better they scored you. Six months ago I told Lou to close off one of the streets in the park and have the contest there. I told him then, *I knew he wouldn't listen. I was right, he didn't. I'd just like to see those judges try to skate on this shitty surface."
  • Reggie Barnes: "Good energy and crowds, back east they don't have much going on like this, so it's good for a change of scenes. Lots of fun."
  • Dennis Martinez: "I'm definitely the most experienced guy here so I'm just doing it for fun. I don't care how I do. When you work seven days a week, you practice differently."
  • Mike Smith: "something didn't work, I was supposed to do better."
  • Steve Caballero: "I'm stoked I beat Smith, the surface was beyond bad."
  • Mike Folmer: "It was a good scene definitely good exposure for the sport."
  • Mike Mills: "Since there are so few freestyle contests, this was a good event. The judges were totally uniformed although the crowd response partially made up for it."

Page 39:

  • The Crime and The Punishment: Steve Rocco Skating a bench, then getting a stern talking to by an authority figure.
Image 43 Fogtown Skateboard Contest - August 30, 1981
Image 47 5x7's
  • Quick mention of Steve Rocco winning the Tracker/Del Mar Pro/Am Contest from August 15-16, 1981.