Thrasher Magazine - 1981-09

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Thrasher Magazine - September 1981
Thrasher Magazine Cover 1981-09.jpg
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Issue Details
Magazine Thrasher Magazine
Issue # 9
Release Date September 1981
# of Pages 30
Language English
Price $1.00

Freestyle-Related Contents

Link Page Description
Image 8
Image 14 Variflex Kona Summer Nationals:
  • Sunday, July 12 - Wednesday, July 15: "On Wednesday morning the first amateur event was freestyle which was easily led by Robert Rodrigues of Miami."
  • Picture: No-Handed 50/50 (Bottom Left).
Image 21 Competition - Texas Underground:
Image 23 Variflex Kona Summer Nationals (Continued from page 15):
  • Friday, July 17: "At 11:00 AM the first event held was the Freestyle finals, which was won handily by Robert Rodrigues and followed by two students of "Mullen & Mutt University" in Gainsville."
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Sims Skateboards "Aim for the Best!" Ad with "Freestyle Steve Rocco".