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The Mutt Book Cover 2005.jpg
Title The Mutt
Subtitle How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself
Latest Edition 1st
Author Rodney Mullen
Author 2 Sean Mortimer
Format Paperback, Hard Cover
Pages 288
Publisher It Books
Published 2005
Language English
ISBN-10 0060556196
ISBN-13 0060556198
Dimensions 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches
Print Status In Print
Special Features Colored exclusive pictures and photo secuences of Rodney Mullen signature tricks.
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This book is his autobiography, a story which reveals so much more about the man who is responsible for more of modern skateboarding's development than most pro skaters involved in the sport today. It's also a very inspiring story about Mullen's own personal challenges with family, personality disorders and many challenges that helped to shape him into the man he became.

From the Back Cover

Rodney Mullen is the godfather of skateboarding-the world freestyle champion of the 1980's. The most admired street skater of the 1990s. And today a multimillionaire skateboard company owner. But at age six, Rodney was the family misfit who had to wear braces to straighten out his pigeon-toed feet. He learned to skate by himself, and eight years later he was a world champion-but his father looked down on the sport and pressured Rodney to quit. By the time he finally broke free from his abusive home life, the popularity of freestyle had waned and given way to vert and street styles. So Rodney picked up his board and started from scratch-using his freestyle background to usher in a new era of street skating. The Mutt is a sometimes sad, often hilarious, and ultimately triumphant chronicle of the curious life and times of a world-champion skateboarder.

Table of Contents

  1. Living Nowhere
  2. Nurturing a Nerd
  3. Skateboards and Weed
  4. The Beginning of the End
  5. Running Away from Contents
  6. With a Little Help From My Friends
  7. The Karate Kid School of Skating
  8. Winning But Really Losing
  9. Turning Pro
  10. Stay of Execution
  11. Rat on a Skateboard
  12. Storm Warning
  13. Skin and Bones
  14. First-Time Loser
  15. Watching the Decay
  16. "RealLife" and the University of Florida
  17. The Great Escape
  18. A New Company
  19. Loan Sharks and Skateboard War
  20. Jumping Off Fjords
  21. Hickeys and Homecomings
  22. The Most Ill-Equipped Businessman
  23. Terminal Diagnosis
  24. Starting Over
  25. Nerd Love and Devilman
  26. Phone Call to My Father
  27. Doomsday
  28. Enjoi!
  29. Almost