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Short Hand Spacewalk
Long Hand Forward Spacewalk
Alternate Names Space Walk
Difficulty Level Intermediate
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Variations
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions into Spacewalk
  • M80
  • Double M80
  • 360 Spin
  • Casper Disaster
  • No-Hand 50/50
  • Coconut Wheelie
  • Hangten G-Turn
  • 360 Finger Flip
  • Frontside Casper Spin
  • 360 Kickflip
  • 360 Shove-It
  • Walk The Dog
  • Transitions out of Spacewalk
  • Backside 360 Shove-It
  • 360 Spin
  • A Spacewalk is an old-school footwork trick that is basically a series of Tic Tacs done in a Wheelie. The object is to balance on the back wheels, while smoothly swinging the Nose back and forth, all without touching the front wheels to the ground. This requires a lot of balance and coordination while you swing your shoulders in the opposite direction of the pivots. Tail scrapes on the Backside pivot are pretty common, but it is considered better technique if you can avoid them completely. Spacewalks are also a great way to transition into and out of many other tricks. For example, Tony Gale does an awesome M80 directly into a Spacewalk (See video below for even more of his combos). There are countless combinations. Experiment and see where your imagination takes you.


    After seeing this page, Tony Gale was kind enough to make a video with a bunch of his mind-blowing Spacewalk variations.

    Trick Tip by Keith Butterfield

    Trick Tip by Mike Osterman

    Trick Tip by Per Canguru (Portuguese)