Slatina Skate Park

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Slatina Skate Park
Slatina Skate Park, Romania (Bird's-eye)- Marius Constantin 2016-10-24.jpg
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City Slatina
Country Romania
Contact Marius Constantin
Founded Coming in 2017

The Slatina Skate Park was only recently (October 2016) approved and budgeted through the local Slatina authorities so it has not been built yet. It is expected to be completed sometime around the summer of 2017 and will be one of the largest skate parks in Romania.

Thanks to Marius Constantin, the park will feature a DEDICATED freestyle area with a surface specially formulated to be more grippy for Pogos and Truckstands. It will also have a raised tribune for spectators, running water, night lighting, camping area and a new bus station nearby.

Marius is also planning to hold European/World freestyle championships at the location. Facebook


Here are some recent news reports from Romanian on the skate park's progress.

Video by SlatinaSkateCrew, "Slatina will have a Skate Park" - Sursa OLTtv Nov 20, 2015

Video by SlatinaSkateCrew "Update: Coral Face Parc în Slatina" - Sursa OLTtv Jan 19, 2016