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Long Hand 180 Backside Tail Shove-It
Alternate Names
  • Shuv
  • Shuvit
  • Shuv-It
Difficulty Level Basic
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Common Variations

The most basic version of a Shove-it is where you shove the board 180 degrees without touching the nose or tail on the ground. There are many variations of the Shove-It including Shove-Its off the tail or nose and multiple rotations up to 720 degrees. When called a Shove-It by itself, it is usually assumed that it is only a Varial 180 Shove-It. If it is anything higher than that, it is stated. For example, a 360 Shove-It would have the 360 stated or it would be assumed to only be 180. It is worth noting that to most freestylers, a Shove-It would most likely refer to a Shove-It off the nose and a street skater would normally think of one as a Shove-It off the tail. The Pop Shove-It (where you slap the tail on the ground to pop the board in the air to do the 180) was invented by Ty Page and was also called the "Ty Hop".