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Shoe GOO Package

Shoe GOO® is a freestyler's best friend when it comes to shoe maintenance and repair. It is basically liquid rubber in a tube that you can use to repair worn down soles (from Walk The Dogs) or holes in your shoes (from Caspers and No-Handed 50/50s). It can also be used as a preventative measure to protect common grip tape contact areas from being damaged in the first place. It isn't pretty, but it works well. Simply squirt some on the affected areas and watch it dry.

Marketing Description

Shoe GOO is the #1 shoe repair adhesive! It’s ideal for fixing worn soles or damaged heels, coating shoes to prevent premature wear and sealing galoshes, waders or rubber boots. The unique formula is designed for strong abrasion resistance and better adhesion to flexible materials.

• Bonds, protects and rebuilds for a permanent repair • Excellent sealant – perfect for patching small holes • Waterproof – bond remains secure even when exposed to water • Creates extra traction – can even be used on skateboards!