Santa Cruz Ray Meyer Business Reissue Deck

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Santa Cruz Ray Meyer Business Reissue Deck.png
Make Santa Cruz
Skater Ray Meyer
Model Business Reissue
Width 7.25" (184 mm)
Length 27.15" (690 mm)
BIS # 7.25"-27.15"-------
Nose Shape Blunt
Tail Shape Blunt
Kicktail Single Kick
Rails Tapered
Concave Flat
Mounting Holes Standard
Colors White
Artist Jim Phillips
Materials Canadian Maple
Construction 7-Ply
# of Units Limited run of 247 units
Introductory Price $80.00
UPC 659641674417
Release Date 2013
Retail Availability 2013+
Contributors Ray Meyer

Interesting fact; this reissue was actually made by Powell Peralta, as Santa Cruz did not have a mold for it.


This classic reissue features the famous jar of Skippy ("SNIPPY") creamy peanut butter and a container of Ovaltine. Ray is seen doing a variety of rad tricks wearing a mustache, glasses and a blue business suit. From nose to tail, the tricks are; a squatting Hang Ten Wheelie, X-Ray vision stare, One-Wheel Nose Wheelie holding a brown briefcase, Deep in thought in a Crossfoot Pogo, Lean-back something, Railflip, Sleeping in bed with pajamas and a yellow skateboard leaning against the bed, and finally another squatting Hang Ten Wheelie while holding a brown briefcase with the Santa Cruz logo on it.