Rennagade Sidewinder

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Rennagade Sidewinder
Long Hand 50/50 Finger Flip Sidewinder
Inventor Keith Renna
Difficulty Level Expert
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Transitional Tricks
Transitions into Rennagade Sidewinder Pogo
Contributors Keith Renna

The Rennagade Sidewinder is Keith Renna's version of a 50/50 Sidewinder, but with a twist (a twist of the wrist). While still doing a truck-to-truck transfer along the transverse axis, Keith adds a finger flip in-between.

Starting off in a 50/50, on your back foot, jump up and flip the board toward your front foot, with your front hand. The board should flip once around its axis (e.g. Finger Flip) and halfway around on its transverse axis (e.g. Carousel). Catch the tail of the board with your back hand and land with your front foot on the opposite truck. Use your favorite exit maneuver to land back to bolts, or link it to another trick for extra bonus points.


Keith Renna doing a Rennagade Sidewinder.