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Keith Renna in OutLook Skateboards "Infested" video (2003)
Long Hand 50/50 360 Finger Flip Out
Inventor Keith Renna
Difficulty Level Expert
Wheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.pngWheel Icon.png
Common Variations

The Rennagade is basically a 360 finger flip out of a Truckstand. It gets its name from its inventor Keith Renna, by combining "Renna" with the word "renegade". The trick starts off in a 50/50. You then jump up, lifting your free leg to gain upward momentum, and do a 360 finger flip out. You may notice that both Keith Renna and Mike Osterman use the same stance for this trick, even though Keith is Goofy and Mike is Regular. So, like anything else, use whichever stance feels the most comfortable to you.

Trick Tip

Check out this Rennagade trick tip by Mike Osterman.