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Heelside Railstand Goofy SBS 05.jpg
Heelside Railstand
Toeside Railstand.jpg
Toeside Railstand
Alternate Names
  • Rail Stand
  • Primo
  • Primo Stall
Difficulty Level Basic
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A Railstand is where you flip your board up and onto the side so that it stands on the edge.

If the Griptape is facing forward, this is called a Toeside Railstand, if the grip tape is facing backwards, it is called a Heelside Railstand. The railstand is also sometimes called a Primo or Primo Stall, but technically, a primo is where slide along the ground while in a railstand.


Check out Daniel Trujillo's excellent video on the subject.

Here is another video by Beau Trifiro of Open Source Skateboards.