Paderborn BBQ Freestyle Contest

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Paderborn BBQ Freestyle Contest
Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest 18 2015 Flyer.jpg
18th Annual Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest Flyer
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Country Germany
City Paderborn
Location Im Goldgrund Skatepark


The Paderborn BBQ Skateboarding Contest is held annually at the 'Im Goldgrund Skatepark' in Paderborn, Germany and is the biggest freestyle contest event in Europe.

About the Contest

The Asphaltsurfer association

The Paderborner Asphaltsurfer association was founded on the 11th February 1998, the intention was to excel in the advancement of skateboarding, increase training possibilities and help increase the popularity of the sport amongst youths.

The aim - build on athletic training and recruit youths from within the local area.

Another goal is to advance skateboarding as a public sport, In the foreground stands the training to learn the basics for beginners and the advancement of skateboarding techniques for advanced skaters. One day a week we provide open lessons at the skate park, these training sessions are free and are given by older club members.

The History of Contest

Since 1997, the Paderborner Asphaltsurfer association arranges yearly the annual Paderborner BBQ Skateboardcontest. From 1997 until 2006, the contest took place at the skate facility Inselbadstadion, since then a new park known as "Goldgrund" was built in 2007 and it was from this year on that all contests would take place at the Goldgrund Skatepark.

Over the years the awareness level of the contest grew successfully, thus with it the attendance levels. Last year, the attendance was approximately 2.500 people.

This year's event a lot of hobby and professional skaters from all over the world will gather in a sporty and friendly atmosphere to settle a fair contest. For our anniversary, the WFSA (World Freestyle Skateboarding Association) gave us the possibility to be the official organizer for the freestyle skateboarding championships. This means a larger and international starting field and a lot more publicity for the event which should interest people and fans from all over Paderborn, the region and all over Germany.

History of Freestyle Skateboarding Skateboarding

Developed in the middle of the 1960s, freestyle skateboarding was one of the first disciplines in this area. Skaters like Rodney Mullen, Kevin Harris and Per Welinder formed this discipline and today are still admired and esteemed as experts by their fans. Since the beginning, the discipline of freestyle skateboarding has gained and maintained a very high reputation. For these very reasons there are championships that have been held for decades.

As the largest association, the WFSA appoints the venue of the freestyle world championships.

Further information with regards to Freestyle Skateboarding can be found on [ Wikipedia].