OutLook Flatland Deck

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OutLook Flatland Deck - March 2003
OutLook Flatland Deck Image - August 2003
OutLook Flatland Deck (Black Colorway) - December 2003
OutLook Flatland Deck (Blue Colorway) - December 2003
OutLook Flatland Deck (Grey Colorway) - December 2003


Make OutLook Skateboards
Model Flatland Deck
Width 7.5" (191 mm)
Length 29.25" (743 mm)
Wheelbase 13" (330 mm)
BIS # 7.5"-29.25"-------
Nose Length 6.25" (159 mm)
Tail Length 5.75" (146 mm)
Nose Shape Round with Blunt Tip
Tail Shape Round with Blunt Tip
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Deck Shape Symmetrical
Mounting Holes Standard
Graphics Came in two different graphics; the first feature a sick looking skull with the OutLook logo to the right of it with "FLATLAND SERIES" printed below. All graphics are black on a solid white background. The second generation featured a simpler graphic with a wide red stripe racing lengthwise down the middle (a little offset) of the deck. "OUTLOOK" is printed in black bold uppercase letters. "Flatland Division" is printed just below, to the right, in white letters.
Colors Gen 1: White. Gen 2: Black, Blue, Grey.
Special Features Designed by Keith Renna
Introductory Price $44.99
Release Date March 2003
Discontinued October 2004
Retail Availability 2003-2004
OutLook Flatland Deck Image - August 2003

The completes came with: Destructo 4.5/High Trucks, Burley Flatland Wheels, ABEC-7 Bearings, Iron Horse Grip Tape, and FREE assemble.

Product Description

This deck was designed by OutLook Flatland Rider Keith Renna. The components that are included with the complete package are the components that the deck was designed for. We do not suggest setting this deck up any differently. The deck was designed so when the Destructo 4.5/High is applied the wheels are perfectly flush to the rail. The 4.5/High also offers the maximum space for feet placement during trick preparation. This is the ultimate modern Freestyle/Flatland set up!