Oust MOC 5 Street Bearings

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Make Oust
Model MOC 5 Street
ABEC Rating 5
# of Balls 7
Ball Material Steel
Seal Shielded
Race Type Deep
Colors Blue
Special Features Has a small patent pending oil hole in the shield on both sides of the bearing so that the bearing can be cleaned and oiled.
Available at decomposedsk8.com
Product Webpage oustbearings.com
Introductory Price $28.95
Release Date 2002
Retail Availability 2002+
Pros Durable and designed to be resistant to occasional axial forces (Overload).
Cons The small open oil hole allows contamination to easily enter the bearing which can result in premature damage due to Spalling.
Skated by Rodney Mullen


Street skateboarding is a combination of skateboarding is a combination of asphalt, steel and concrete interrupted by moments of fright, terror, and indecision. A special bearing had to be developed to accommodate a wide range of ages and styles of skating.

One that would hold together in any condition, without giving up speed or load capabilities of the MOC 5 Tech. The metal shields replaced the buna seals to reduce the possibility of damage to the buna seal during assembly.

A small oil hole ( Pat.Pend ) in each shield was put in so the bearing could be cleaned and oiled. Tolerances were changed to accommodate the new environment and the Oust MOC 5 Street was complete. It's the fastest and toughest bearing in the industry for street.

All bearings are sold packaged 8 bearings per pack.