Open Source Foster Freestyler Deck

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Custom Foster Freestyler - July 5, 2016
Open Source Foster Freestyler CAD Design v2 - June 17, 2016
Custom foam deck mold by Beau Trifiro (Cost $40.00) - June 21, 2016


Make Open Source Skateboards
Model Custom Foster Freestyler
Width 7.125" (181 mm)
Length 28" (711 mm)
Wheelbase 12" (305 mm)
BIS # 7.125"-28"-12°-∞"-5.5"-9.75"-0"-1-1.875"
Nose Length 5.5" (140 mm)
Tail Length 5.5" (140 mm)
Nose Shape Round
Tail Shape Round
Kicktail Double Kick
Rails Parallel
Deck Shape Popsicle
Concave Flat
Mounting Holes Old-School
Graphics None
Colors Natural wood with water-based clear-coat
Materials Hard Maple. Titebond III Wood Glue.
Construction 7-Ply 1/16" Veneers
Special Features Kicktails begin before the trucks. Modeled after the original Trinity Foster Freestyler Deck, designed by Mike Foster.
Origin Custom made by Beau Trifiro with Open Source Skateboards, San Diego, CA, USA
Units 1
Warranty Quality Guarantee
Available at
Introductory Price $60.00
Release Date June 17 2016
Retail Availability 2016+
Pdf-icon.pngCAD Design Drawing

This custom deck was designed and created by Beau Trifiro of Open Source Skateboards for Jagon Nogaj in June 2016, based off of the original Trinity Foster Freestyler Deck, designed by Mike Foster. What makes this design so unusual is that the Kicktails start before trucks and was supposed to increase your TPM's (Tricks per Minute).