Moska 56mm/97A Freestyle Wheels

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Moska 56mm 97a Freestyle Wheels 2006.jpg
Moska Freestyle Wheel Ad from - Circa 2006
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Make Moska Wheels
Model Freestyle
Width 1.58" (40 mm)
Durometer 97A
Diameter 56 mm (2.21")
Contact Patch 25 mm (1")
Bearing seat Offset
Lip Round
Colors White
Special Features Wheels come in a cool cardboard tube.
Origin Imported from Brazil
Introductory Price $29.99
Release Date 2006
Discontinued 2008
Retail Availability 2006-2008


Inside edge of the wheel features a light blue background with the red Moska logo on the left with "Freestyle" written in white letters just next to it, and "97A" is written in red letters just underneath.