Mirei Tsuchida

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Mirei Tsuchida
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Native Name

土田 ミレイ
Pronunciation Mee-ray Tsu-chee-dah
Division Amateur
Nationality Flag of Japan.png Japanese
Gender Female
Location Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Style Freestyle and Street
Occupation High School Student
Born (2000-03-15) March 2000 (age 20)
Skating Since 2008
Favorite Stuff
  • Mic Murayama
  • Bio

    Mirei is a Japanese high school girl skater. She’s been skating since she was 8 years old. She likes both freestyle and street style skating, and has participated in several freestyle and street contests from 2009 on. In 2012 she was ranked #4 in the JFSA annual ranking and in 2016, she is the JFSA Girl’s Champion.

    FSKB Contest History

    Contest History

    • JFSA The Pacific Ocean Freestyle Championships 2011 (Am) – 2nd Place
    • Sui Cup 2012 (Am) -- 1st Place
    • Murasaki Sports All Japan Skateboard Championship 2012 / North Kanto Area (Girl) -- 1st Place
    • NASS 2013 Ladies' Skateboard Street (UK) -- 3rd Place
    • Freestyle Skateboard World Championships 2013 (UK/Am) -- 3rd Place
    • Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2014 (Girls) -- 1st Place
    • Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2015 (Pro/Am) -- 2nd Place
    • Megane Cup Flatland Contest 2016 (Girls) -- 1st Place
    • AJSA AMA KANTO 2016 1st (Girls) – 2nd Place

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