Mike Osterman

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Mike Osterman
Mike Osterman - Novak.jpg
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Nickname Mosti
Division Pro
Nationality Flag of the United States.png American
Location Long Beach, CA, USA
Home Town Chicago
Stance Regular
Pushing Method Regular Push
Occupation Owner, Professional Freestyler
Education Illinois State University
Company Waltz Skateboarding
Born 1994
Skating Since 2004
Deck Models Mike Osterman Decks
Tricks Invented
Favorite Stuff
Hobbies Drinking Coffee
Skaters Rene Shigueto, Sean Burke, Darran Nolan, and Don Brown
Skate Spots Renwick Skate Park
Videos The Casper Video
First Setup
Deck Kevin Harris Powell Peralta Reissue
Trucks Tracker Trucks
Wheels G-bones wheels


Mike is a flatland/freestyle skateboarder from the Chicago area and is one of the top freestylers in the world right now. He’s been skating since 2004, has been on a freestyle board since 2006 and began competing in the pro division in 2010. He likes long lines of rolling tricks punctuated with footwork and stationary tricks.

On July 2nd, 2017, Mike announced that he was starting a new company with Daniel Trujillo, Waltz Skateboarding[2]. Mike announced that he was leaving his sponsor, MODE Skateboards[3], on December 10th, 2017.

FSKB Contest History

Signature Decks

Other Contest History

  • 2008 Philly Freestyle Championships - 3rd Place, Amateur Division

Feature Video

2018 Setup

Deck Waltz "The Prophets" Deck
Trucks Ace 11 Trucks
Wheels Waltz Coffee Break 54mm Wheels
Bearings Synopsis Ceramics Bearings
Skid Plates Waltz Nose Skid Plate and Waltz Tail Skid Plate
Grip Tape Jessup Grip Tape

2017 Setup

Deck MODE Mike Osterman "Fortune" Freestyle Deck
Trucks Independent Stage 11 109 Trucks
Wheels MODE 99A Freestyle Wheels
Bearings Synopsis Ceramics Bearings
Hardware REGAL Premium Skateboard Hardware
Grip Tape Jessup Grip Tape


  1. I got sponsored by Starbucks! - December 9, 2018 YouTube
  2. My New Company - July 2, 2017 YouTube
  3. Leaving My Sponsor - December 10, 2017 YouTube